Are you having a normal sex life?

You’ve just got back home from an intimate dinner with your loving girlfriend. You’ve not only lit candles in your bedroom but also have soft music playing from the background. When it is time for both of you to get intimate, you realize you aren’t quite ready.

Although it’s a very stressful experience, it’s also normal for your libido and body to change as you grow older. “Not every change that takes place in your body is bad, or sign that something isn’t just right” says Andrew Siegel, managing director and an urologist in Bergen County. More than half the men out there have issues pertaining to their sexual life at 40s and 50s.

“Guys are not always ready to talk about it, you might not hear from family members or friends that they are already dealing with it”, she says.

Signs of Change

Men’s erections are totally different. You may not be able to get erect as fast as it used to be. Or you might require more foreplay so as to get aroused. You may lose your erection soon, too, at times before your climax. These health issues are referred to as erectile dysfunction.

erectile dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction is more common at old age. Often, this is due to insufficient flow of blood to the penile. Or your body could be making less of the testosterone hormone. Health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease can also increase the odds of experiencing ED. Sometimes, medications taken for treatment also cause problems.

“Your climaxes are not as powerful.” Majority of guys over 40 realize that their orgasms aren’t that strong. They may even have less semen when they, ejaculate, too”, Siegel says. Your body changes that come with age are to blame. For instance, weaker pelvic floor muscles may cause trouble with ejaculation.

You are always not on the mood. A lagging libido may frustrate you as well as your partner. After years of passionately having sex whenever they wanted, some guys say that lack of interest is like losing a very significant part of who they really are.

Why does it happen?

Low levels of testosterone can dampen desire”. This is according to Michael Krychman, managing director, an OB/GYN & a sexual medicine doctor.

However, this isn’t the reason.” As one grows older, life stressors such as kids, money as well as career pressure may make it even hard to stay interested in sex” she says. Other factors that can lower libido in men are alcohol, medication, major illness and depression.