Causes And Diagnosis Of Alopecia

Biologically, human beings shed between 50- 100 hairs per day as part of the normal growth cycle. In most cases, this does not lead to baldness since hair keeps growing. According to ethnoscience, hair loss takes place when there is an interruption between the growth and shedding cycles.

Causes of hair loss

• Heredity

The most common cause of massive hair loss in men and women are the hereditary conditions. Hair loss due to heredity occurs gradually and predicting it is not easy. The hereditary conditions tend to influence the age at which you will begin experiencing hair loss as well as baldness.

Hormonal imbalance

baldnessHormonal imbalances and changes can lead to temporary hair and if you do not correct on the same then you may end up losing hair permanently.

• Illness or surgery

Stress caused by illness or surgery is likely to stop certain processes within the body including the production of hair. When such cases become persistent, they are likely to lead to baldness. Disorders such as the thyroid diseases, iron deficiency and syphilis can also lead to massive hair loss. In addition, scalp infections such as ringworms can bring about partial baldness through the creation of patches on your head making it to look ugly. The hair pulling disorder also known as trichotillomania can also cause hair loss in both men and women of all ages.

• Aging

As you grow old, the production of hair tends to reduce. This is a common thing in men although a few women experience the same.

Diagnosis of hair loss

Once you visit a dermatologist, he or she will examine your scalp carefully then note down some of the stressful and medical treatments in your life before determining the best way to deal with the case effectively

Treatment of hair loss

Hair loss treatment depends on the stage and causes. Some of the common treatments that you are likely to undergo include the following

• Hair wigs or weaves

The expensive weaves or wigs can be the best way to cover your baldness so that people do not notice any changes. This treatment is good for the cancer patients as well as people with temporary hair loss.

• Surgery

Surgery is one of the best options especially for someone who has lost hair in specific parts of their head. Some of the common practices when it comes to surgery include grafting and laser treatment.

• Use of creams and solutions

Creams and lotions such as minoxidil can help in restoring hair on your head. You only need to apply the over the counter creams and lotions for sometime then you will have hair growing. If the medications works with you, it will require at least six months before you note any growth in your hair.

In summary, hair loss is a common complication in both men and women. Some of the causes of the problem are heredity, illness, surgery, aging and hormonal imbalance. In case you want to remedy hair loss, you can use creams or lotions, seek surgery or buy weaves to cover up you head.