Common Proscar Side Effects

Proscar is one of the most excellent drug of treating baldness pattern in men. Like any other drug, proscar has side effects to the body of the user. Some of these side effects are normal and with time it will disappear. When the side effects persist for longer periods of time than the expected time and looks abnormal, its important for you to take a step and visit your doctor for further medication. The specialists have enough experience to guide you on how to manage the side effects.

side effects proscarThere are a good number of proscar side effects. Some of these side effects involves ;

Loss of sexual interest and impotence

The drug can lead to loss of sexual ability. Even after thorough massage you penis will erect not. This make a man stay far from his wife. For some men the drug can lead to impotence. The sexual parts will be inactive and might not function effectively. This makes it hard to reach orgasm stage when having sexual intercourse. This can frustrate one since sexual pleasure is one of the key things that bring partners together.

Premature and abnormal ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is one of the side effects of proscar. Any time you engage in sexual intercourse, you will find yourself evaluating early enough before satisfaction. The sperms you ejaculate are abnormal. It contains less semen and this might reduce the chances of impregnating a woman.

Abnormal hair growth in the body

After taking drugs your likely to experience extraordinary hair growth in the body. This makes your body hairy. In as much as adapting new body changes and the physical appearance. It is important to accept it and move on.

General body weakness and headache

Your body uses a lot of energy when responding to proscar drugs. This can lead to body weakness. The drug also alters the floor of blood in the brains causing headache. When headache persist it is important to seek medical attention.

It is important to acknowledge that any drug has side effects. Proscar drug is not exempted it also has side effects. It is only wise to have full knowledge of its side effects and ways of managing them.