Environmental Health Risks

Health risks exist everywhere. This is something we must know. No matter how much you try to avoid certain things, there will always be something else that can threaten your health. Such is the nature of the world we live in. We just have to adapt and learn to live with these risks, though we can still protect ourselves as best we can. Leaving ourselves susceptible to these health risks is not acceptable. This is why it is so important to learn about environmental health risks so that we can figure out how best to protect our precious bodies from them as much as possible.

Air Pollution

Environmental Health RisksThe air is obviously not 100 percent clean. There are many weird and potentially dangerous things floating around. We can’t avoid them all because we have to breathe. We can, however, try to protect ourselves by avoiding second-hand smoke (if we don’t smoke), avoiding extremely polluted areas, getting vaccines for certain diseases, etc.

Water Pollution

Frequenting places that have poor drainage or using untreated water can lead to some very serious health problems.


There are some cancers that can afflict a group of people who live, work or frequent certain geographic locations over a long time. It is good to know about the cancer cluster information in the areas we frequent, especially if we work in industries that can adversely affect our health (such as nuclear power plants, x-ray operations, chemical plants, etc).

Extreme Weather

If we work or live in areas that experience extreme weather for many months at a time (too hot or too cold), we put our health at risk. This is especially true if we don’t quickly or adequately adapt to the situation.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

This can fall under the bracket of air pollution. If we frequent areas that are regularly tainted with carbon monoxide, we begin to develop health complications. It is important to safeguard ourselves and others from these kinds of situations. You can help others by ensuring your car is relatively friendly to the environment.


Mold is a huge environmental health risk. It probably seems harmless by the look of it but spores from growing mold (especially indoors) can compromise the air we breathe and seriously impact our health. We ought to avoid such a health risk by investing in a cleanup service (or doing it ourselves) to rid our homes of any such mold.


Asthma is a common environmental health risk. If we have asthma, we are somewhat vulnerable to certain situations and locations. It is best to protect ourselves from smoky, dusty and high-pollen regions by taking medication or avoiding these places and situations altogether.