Finasteride For Women

Hair is probably the most important part of a woman when it comes to appeal. Women from all over the world style it into many different looks, shapes and sizes. We all want our mothers, sisters, daughters and wives to look their very best in order to feel as beautiful as possible. This increases their self esteem and makes them look gorgeous both on the inside and out.

testosterone finasterideBut as we get older, hair eventually thins up, falls off and causes balding that leaves very ugly patches on our heads. For men it may not be such a big deal, but when it comes to women, this is probably a page from one of their nightmares. Some women end up being afraid of using social amenities because people will see their balding heads. Do not worry; everyone on earth eventually loses their hair whether it occurs when combing, washing your hair or just talking a walk on a breezy day, hair strands will fall off.

To remedy this, doctors from all walks of life recommend Finesteride which is approved by major medical associations. It works miracles by hindering the conversion of testosterone (a hormone commonly found in men) to dihydrotestosterone thus enabling the head to retain strong and luscious hair in women. Finesteride for women is an oral pill to be taken one time each day with or without food.

baldness in womenThough it is not clear exactly who is more likely to respond to Finesteride women, high doses for women do tend to yield good results. Women who are not close to menopause should avoid using the drug, but if they must, it is advisable to use contraceptives.

Some causes of female hair loss include menopause, biological or genetic makeup, certain medicines and harmful chemicals. Hormonal changes and differentiation can also cause female hair loss.

Although it is not indicated as its formal use in women with female pattern baldness, studies of Finesteride for women have been carried out and the results indicate that women can take the drug initially meant for men and prevent extensive hair loss on their heads. Finesteride does not affect other hair growing areas of the body because agents found in the drug target specific hair follicles found only in the scalp.

So if you are a powerful woman who wants to keep a good head of hair that flows with the wind go for Finesteride and assure yourself of the finest ride when it comes to hair growth.